Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to Crazy Normal

We call normal around here "Crazy Normal".....Thankfully, Chuck is doing wonderful. Dr. Nichols did reopen him a couple of weeks ago so we are no longer having to do wound care. That is great! Everything appears to be healing as desired. Still no lifting for another month. His trip to Istanbul this Friday has been postponed as the Doctors felt it was better for him to not travel at this time. We trust that is God's plan.

Tolar continues to enjoy 6th grade at Emmanuel. Still, yesterday as I picked him up from school, he mentioned coming back home next year. He said, "Mommy, I don't know 10 kids at school who respect God." He hears kids cussing and talking ugly about teachers. It's been a good opportunity to talk about how even though he is at a "Christian" school, there are kids there who are lost and need to know the love of Jesus. He is learning to be a friend and reach out to those kids who seem lonely and hurting. I am proud of him.

We had a GLORIOUS 8 days camping at White Oak Creek with 3 other families. So relaxing and perfect weather! How wonderful it was....enjoying coffee with my friend, Jana, each morning. Seems it had been so long since I had been able to catch up with Jana, Theresa and Penny. Loved the time we had for each other. Our 9 little boys had a blast, too. God used that down town to speak to me and show me how self centered and selfish I had become about some things in my life. I have been way off base....wanting other people to change....when I know I must be the first to change. It was a good time! Of course, Mr. Jones and Chestnut (the squirrel) went with us.

Two days after we returned from camping, Allyson and I took off for Monroe, La for Jessica's wedding. LONG DRIVE...but totally worth the effort it took to get there. The wedding was beautiful. Jessica was happy and so in love. The West family is so precious and have raised awesome children. Allyson and I were able to just talk and talk and talk.....such a treat. Love my friend, Allyson. She has stuck by me through the tough times and rejoiced with me in the good times. She is a true friend and a gift from God.

Well, I have two kids looking at me waiting for me to help them finish schoolwork.

Oh, I read the biographies of Gladys Alyward and Bill Wallace (both missionaries to China) while camping. Those two trusted God no matter what. They found joy in serving and giving their lives away for the sake of Jesus Christ. Even in suffering, they remained true and cared for others. They were follow Jesus! My favorite quote from Gladys was "What adventure God has given me all because I was willing!"

Right now I am leading a study called "Compelled by Love: A Journey to Missional Living." It's got me to thinking and rethinking about how I live my life and how serious I take God at His Word. Let's see how God leads me in the weeks to come to join Him on mission....

Pictures to come soon....