Friday, April 11, 2008

Running...without anything chasing me

This is week 2 of my so called "running program". About 7 weeks ago 2 girlfriends and I decided to meet at 5:15am up at the church gym and WALK. Now this huge.....all of us up and at the gym and actually MOVING. That in itself was an accomplishment. Then after several weeks Allyson suggested we started running. I have NEVER liked to run! But the "program" looked mangable....walk 4, run 2 minutes, 5 times for a total of 30 minutes....week one. Okay, I MIGHT can do that. Well, it's the end of week two and I am STILL doing that and barely when I run outside like I did today. We have hills in our neighborhood and I almost died out there today. Even this past Saturday, I ran at my Dad's on Okaloosa Island, Florida. A storm was brewing and the wind was strong. Well, atleast that is what I blamed it on, because there were no hills. Running on the track inside the church gym is easier....or is it just that I have my girlfriends there to cheer me on or sing the "Rocky" music when I want to stop and pass out (thanks Carmen.....and YES, you can almost pass out after only 2 minutes of running. Anyway, I am stubborn enough to NOT just throw the towel in YET. If my best buds can hang in there......I will, too! I will keep you posted:)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This past weekend I took my oldest two sons to Ft Walton to a Monster Truck Show. Yep! Chuck stayed here with our youngest son (due to his work schedule and church responsibilities). When people would ask where I was at church on Sunday, Chuck took great pleasure in telling them I was at a Monster Truck Show. One man said, "You can't get the Henry County out of her, can you?" We did have a reason for being there...we were helping my dad with concessions at the show. We sold LOTS of hotdogs and was fun. The boys loved it and got to learn about serving others. The show was great, too. We will do it again next year:)


Right now I am just trying to make a complete thought in my head. I have not had a meal today (unless beef jerky and chocolate chips count). I get a little crazy when I am hungry so bare with me. The kids are trying to build a miniture zoo in the back yard and keep walking through asking for things like shoe boxes and scissors. Who knows! I did hear the sweetest conversation this morning between my 6 yr old son and 2 yr old son. Trace was telling Turner to pray for Jesus to come into his heart. He told Turner that you just pray and ask Him to and he will live there forever. He kept saying, "Pray Turner and ask Jesus to come into your heart, that's what I did." Trace said, " This is a Christian family and we want you to be a Christian, too." It was a precious conversation, but funny to hear. I am glad to know that atleast Trace is concerned that everyone in our family is a believer and has a relationship with Christ.

Chuck and I have committed to going to Central Asia in July for a mission trip. I am so excited. God amazes me at His goodness and provision. He calls us to step out of our comfort zones and look to Him with breathless anticipation at what He can do when we surrender and let go. Yes, leaving my children for 8 days will be hard...but I know God is calling me to trust Him... for everything....with everything....including my children. They are gifts from Him and He cares for them even more than I do. He will provide in every way. This I believe!