Saturday, June 25, 2011

CELEBRATION WEEK....14 Years of Marriage and 6 Years of Life with a Cool Kid

Here we go!  Once again I will use pictures to tell my story.
I apologize if you find typos...right now I am so sleepy, but want to get this posted!

Our wedding anniversary is May 24th and our youngest child's birthday is May 28th....
So we like to celebrate by making memories.  
Last year we made some memories....we decided we would laugh, rather than they are funny to us now.  
This year Maz blessed us with two nights at Calloway Gardens, then we headed to Atlanta for a couple of nights.  Turner had asked to go see the Braves play ball for his birthday.  Thanks to a friend, we were wonderfully blessed with great tickets.

Let's our hometown at a place called "Cake in a Cup."
Maz made sure we left town with LOTS of sweets in tow!

Our Anniversary Dinner......random, but nice!


Calloway Gardens was wonderful.  Again, funny stories to tell.....oh, to be a fly on a tree!

The Raptor Show was a favorite.  We were treated to a private training session by Mark.  Tell me God isn't in the details!  My boys were thrilled to get  up close and personal as this young man worked with his raptor.  My oldest was eating it up.  It ended up being very educational for us all!

ATLANTA....The Coca Cola Museum

A BIG SURPRISE....the boys did not expect to go to the Aquarium.....they were thrilled when we surprised them with tickets!

TURNER FIELD......this really was a fun game for us, even thought the Braves lost.  The firework show at the end was gorgeous....just  a fun night...and all the kids stayed in their seats, enjoying the game.  We have come so far in the past few years!  Thank you, Jesus!  But the biggest surprise came when we got back to our hotel........they had a SURPRISE for will soon see.....

LOOK what we found when we got to our room after midnight.....the Marriott staff  had left us a BIRTHDAY treat............and......

An ANNIVERSARY TREAT....WOW!  (Now we have a good bottle of cooking wine in the fridge! Comes in handy with some of my Pioneer Woman recipes!)


My Anniversary Flowers from Chuck!

Packing up...time to head home.  Oh, My baby is SIX.....times flies when you are having fun.

We must head back to Alabama....because we are not done yet!

 Cake creation by  Jana....she's that friend for me!  Takes such good care of me.  I don't deserve her.

My angel friends....I am so thankful for theses gals!  Jana and Carmen

Jana's oldest with my middle...born 21 days apart!  A God thing:)

That crazy boy would be Carmen's oldest!  They have so much fun.

Blowing the candles out....and we are DONE!  Praising God for all HE has done for us and how HE has blessed us with everything we have.  We are HIS....and Here for HIS Glory!

I wish you a wonderful week!  Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Days of our Life....

I will attempt to catch up on life over the past month.  LOTS of pictures so get ready!
This blog is really a hodge-podge....I blog about  my walk with God and the things He's teaching me day to day.  I, also, blog about my family and use this as my online journal.  It's all really random.  So, thank you for popping in!  Some of these moments are just the "small things" in life, but I believe the "small things" are the things that matter so much in life and I don't want to ever forget.  

Tolar got CONTACTS.  YAY!!!!  Can you see how happy he is about this?

 Mother's Day...we had our mom's over and Chuck's mom brought a FABULOUS dessert......oh, it was dangerous to be left alone with it.  She's makes the best things...really, she does.
    Oh, these children, bless their hearts, they take after their  mother.   Really, they can't be blamed for's in their genes.

       Oh, thank you boys!  You did your mom a big favor~

  CROC FEET....enough said!


        Let's Invite our friends and neighbors over for dinner......
   Well, this is Chuck's best friend since childhood.....and he's really not too strange.  He's married to one of my best that works out really good  for us all.  God is so good that way!

 Did I mention this friend is a photographer.....he's a  little  "artsy" at times.  That's the only way I can explain this!

      Sweet friends and neighbors.....we are so blessed!

   The world's BEST neighbor who wasn't even invited for dinner, yet , shows up with dessert for all!  She's amazing! Really, she cooks good stuff and she SHARES with me.  Awesome!

   Beans.....the dog we love....who ate my leather couch (we won't mention the carpet).  UGH!

        Trace wrapping up our homeschool year....with a smile:)

   I have much  more to share with you later.....thank you for sharing life with me. I really do appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to see what we've been  up to. God is in the details of our life and look forward to sharing more later.