Monday, May 23, 2011

Relationships are built on Being more than Doing

Yesterday as I spent time with God, He brought me to a deeper understanding of how He uses our circumstances to reveal His heart for His people.

We may long for relationship with those who have rejected us in some way.  Just as we long to be loved and known, He longs for us to know and trust Him.  Any ache we have felt in our hearts, He too, feels over our rejection of Him.

The way we long for relationship....time and conversation...He too, longs for us to spend time with Him, listening and sharing.  He wants us to know His heart.

Sometimes He allows us to live in circumstances that bring us to a deeper understanding of these truths.  Maybe you have been rejected by a loved one or even overlooked with all the demands of life. He understands the ache and longing to be known and loved for who you are.  

Circumstances are allowed in our lives to teach us and help us understand the way our Lord longs to be known by those He has created.  He doesn't want us just to be busy doing for Him, but to know Him and love Him by BEING with Him.

He wants a relationship with us.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Heat is On

I can feel it...

the heat increasing....

the enemy is at work....

he wants my life....he wants my family.

But he can't have us!

NO!  We will not lay down....

We are covered and bought by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We are not going through a major crisis....nothing huge is going on.

It's the little things, the subtle deceptions we are battling,

but it's the little things that scare me.....because

if we are not paying close attention....

he can get us.....distracted and off track...

it happens quickly.

I pray, "Lord, Don't let me live a lie.  Don't let me be deceived."

I get on my knees.

This family matters!  This family is a testimony of God's grace...a generational curse being broken.

Yet, we are living in the last days.....

and the enemy is relentless......he wants us to sell out to this world and it's beliefs.  I refuse!

Times are changing.  We must stand strong.  Against the little things....that steal our life and families.

Jeremiah 32:33 "though I taught them again and again, they would not listen or respond to discipline."

So often I am slow to learn.  But I pray I will listen and respond to what God is telling us now......

Stand strong.  Don't give up or in.  Prepare....for what is coming.  Do not be deceived.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.  Remember the wonders he has done.  (Ps 105: 4,5)

We are at WAR!  The battle is one many of us face daily.....

Discouragement sets in.

Defeat seems to overcome.

But, giving up can't be an option!  We must never give up...or give in.  NEVER.

Too much is at stake.

So, the battle rages....the battle in our heart....and mind.   A battle that matters more than you know.

Do you settle for what is?  Do you accept and settle for less?


Do you believe God to be all that He IS......and that He can do MORE than you can imagine or ask?
That He is working in your life....He is for you....and will help you in your need.

"Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me." Ps (31:3)

Don't believe the lies.....
the enemy comes to steal, kill and DESTROY.  The enemy wants to destroy YOU and he is a liar.

Run to the TRUTH.....and hold on for all you are worth.  NEVER give up or give in!
Too much (that you can't see right now) is at stake.

"Preserve my life according to your word." (Ps 119:25)

"You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word".  (Ps. 119:114)

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope."  (Ps. 130:5)`

Monday, May 16, 2011

Girl's Getaway

I was way overdue for a girl's getaway.  Tish and Laura are from my home town...and a little younger than me.  Tish has three boys, just like me.  Laura has a beautiful new baby girl.  Terri's Dad and my Dad were best friends in high school, but we didn't know that until we had been friends for years!  My Dad was a pallbearer at Terri's Dad's funeral last year.  Terri has three children.  Her oldest son, who is 11, had a heart transplant when he was 3 months old.  We are bible study buddies and attend the same church.  These are my road trip girls....they make me laugh till it hurts!

We were off to celebrate sweet Terri's birthday!!!!
So how do we girls celebrate?
We eat!
......and laugh!  Alot!

Terri got gifts!

 Terri gave us gifts....she made a t-shirt for each of us for our trip! We all loved them.  She made each one different...just like us!
 Our "Betty Crocker" (aka..Tish) baked a peanut butter chocolate cake in honor of the birthday girl!  YUMMY! Calories don't count on birthdays...right?
Well, laughing helps burn off the cake calories.  Oh, that cake was good.

My precious Laura!  Freezing as we waited to get a table at Red Bar at Grayton Beach.  Sooooooo worth the wait!  Did I mention we were out eating dinner after 9pm?  So not the norm for us girls!

Love these girls....they are sooooo funny!
Tish wanted me to use her VOLUMIZING I did.  I have THICK wavy hair.  I do NOT need to volumize.  
Laura said I had ROCKSTAR hair.  

 Yep, still eating the cake on the way home.  While driving and eating...we got to sharing funny stories...many we had heard before.  Like when Tish hit the man ....she calls her husband crying, sirens in the background.  She says, "Honey, I just hit a man."  He says, "It's okay baby, we got insurance."  She says, " NO...I just HIT A MAN."   Thankfully, the man was okay, but did have to have surgery, but survived.  I'm crying typing's just so, maybe not so funny, then.  There are many more of these kinds of we  are driving down I-10....laughing.  The next thing I notice is that I don't recognize anything familiar around us.  Yep, we  missed our exit by two exits....and came thru Marianna, Florida on our way back to Dothan.  Thankfully, not to far off our way home.
Sweet friendship.....I had a really, really, really good time.  These girls are just easy to be with.  You know, the kind of friends you can talk about anything and everything.

I came home a refreshed wife and mommy....and played baseball in the yard until 8pm last night.  It's good to be home with all my men.....
Girls....until next time:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Thing at a Time

You may wonder why I have a picture of a travel  makeup case?  I had to share with you my  joy over doing just "one thing."   Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with all the things I "think" I need to do.  So I just do nothing.   Well, that doesn't help at all.
Today I looked at the makeup bag I have lived out of for over 6 months.  There just never seemed to be a good time to clean out my make up and put the case back into the closet.  So many other things  pull for my time and attention.
Today, I made the decision to  clean out the case and return it to the closet.  Such accomplishment.  Such freedom.  I did it....finally:)  It took all of five minutes, yet I procrastinated for 6 months.
We don't have to do EVERYTHING today....but it does help to do just "one thing" that we have put off.

Just Add Spices

Chuck came home from Honduras late Saturday night, was up and headed to staff meeting early Sunday.  That afternoon we had our church picnic at Landmark Park and enjoyed a beautiful (yet warm) afternoon with our friends.  Tuesday morning Chuck left with a team headed to Tuscaloosa to help with clean up efforts after the tornado.  The neat thing is that he was able to partner our church with East McFarland Church in Tuscaloosa.  The pastor, Doug Reeves, and Chuck worked together when Chuck first went into ministry back in college.  God really has brought Chuck full circle.  By the way, the church at which they first served together  was called "Gilgal"  which means full circle.

I've been in a food  mood this week......two things I want to share with you.  Fish Tacos and Spicy Shrimp.  I LOVE fish tacos and eat them most days.  When I LOVE something, I eat it often!!!!

Can I just say I am so thankful my friend, Cyndie, introduced me to Penzey's Spices!!!

 Turkish Seasoning from Penzey's......I eat it on EVERYTHING!
 Cilantro....I could eat it on EVERYTHING!  So yummy...the fish came from Sam's...spicy tortilla crusted...yummmm.
 OH, and add a good salad....just doesn't get any better!
 Now, on the Spicy Shrimp.  I got this recipe off of pioneer woman's blog.  She has great recipes and shows you HOW to do them!  LOVE IT!

 You can never go wrong with butter:)  Yet another thing I love...and eat it straight!
 So just pop it in the oven.
 Now, this is what I'm talking about.
 Now do you think these two boys like this recipe?

Yep, this one is a keeper!!!!