Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Add Spices

Chuck came home from Honduras late Saturday night, was up and headed to staff meeting early Sunday.  That afternoon we had our church picnic at Landmark Park and enjoyed a beautiful (yet warm) afternoon with our friends.  Tuesday morning Chuck left with a team headed to Tuscaloosa to help with clean up efforts after the tornado.  The neat thing is that he was able to partner our church with East McFarland Church in Tuscaloosa.  The pastor, Doug Reeves, and Chuck worked together when Chuck first went into ministry back in college.  God really has brought Chuck full circle.  By the way, the church at which they first served together  was called "Gilgal"  which means full circle.

I've been in a food  mood this week......two things I want to share with you.  Fish Tacos and Spicy Shrimp.  I LOVE fish tacos and eat them most days.  When I LOVE something, I eat it often!!!!

Can I just say I am so thankful my friend, Cyndie, introduced me to Penzey's Spices!!!

 Turkish Seasoning from Penzey's......I eat it on EVERYTHING!
 Cilantro....I could eat it on EVERYTHING!  So yummy...the fish came from Sam's...spicy tortilla crusted...yummmm.
 OH, and add a good salad....just doesn't get any better!
 Now, on the Spicy Shrimp.  I got this recipe off of pioneer woman's blog.  She has great recipes and shows you HOW to do them!  LOVE IT!

 You can never go wrong with butter:)  Yet another thing I love...and eat it straight!
 So just pop it in the oven.
 Now, this is what I'm talking about.
 Now do you think these two boys like this recipe?

Yep, this one is a keeper!!!!

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