Monday, May 16, 2011

Girl's Getaway

I was way overdue for a girl's getaway.  Tish and Laura are from my home town...and a little younger than me.  Tish has three boys, just like me.  Laura has a beautiful new baby girl.  Terri's Dad and my Dad were best friends in high school, but we didn't know that until we had been friends for years!  My Dad was a pallbearer at Terri's Dad's funeral last year.  Terri has three children.  Her oldest son, who is 11, had a heart transplant when he was 3 months old.  We are bible study buddies and attend the same church.  These are my road trip girls....they make me laugh till it hurts!

We were off to celebrate sweet Terri's birthday!!!!
So how do we girls celebrate?
We eat!
......and laugh!  Alot!

Terri got gifts!

 Terri gave us gifts....she made a t-shirt for each of us for our trip! We all loved them.  She made each one different...just like us!
 Our "Betty Crocker" (aka..Tish) baked a peanut butter chocolate cake in honor of the birthday girl!  YUMMY! Calories don't count on birthdays...right?
Well, laughing helps burn off the cake calories.  Oh, that cake was good.

My precious Laura!  Freezing as we waited to get a table at Red Bar at Grayton Beach.  Sooooooo worth the wait!  Did I mention we were out eating dinner after 9pm?  So not the norm for us girls!

Love these girls....they are sooooo funny!
Tish wanted me to use her VOLUMIZING I did.  I have THICK wavy hair.  I do NOT need to volumize.  
Laura said I had ROCKSTAR hair.  

 Yep, still eating the cake on the way home.  While driving and eating...we got to sharing funny stories...many we had heard before.  Like when Tish hit the man ....she calls her husband crying, sirens in the background.  She says, "Honey, I just hit a man."  He says, "It's okay baby, we got insurance."  She says, " NO...I just HIT A MAN."   Thankfully, the man was okay, but did have to have surgery, but survived.  I'm crying typing's just so, maybe not so funny, then.  There are many more of these kinds of we  are driving down I-10....laughing.  The next thing I notice is that I don't recognize anything familiar around us.  Yep, we  missed our exit by two exits....and came thru Marianna, Florida on our way back to Dothan.  Thankfully, not to far off our way home.
Sweet friendship.....I had a really, really, really good time.  These girls are just easy to be with.  You know, the kind of friends you can talk about anything and everything.

I came home a refreshed wife and mommy....and played baseball in the yard until 8pm last night.  It's good to be home with all my men.....
Girls....until next time:)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you girls had a blast. :)

So glad for good friendships. (and the laughs!)

Monica said... was MUCH needed. Praise God for times of refreshment!