Friday, February 8, 2008

A Wonderful Friday

It's been a wonderfully fun Friday! We spent the morning with my friend, Allyson, and her 4 kiddos at FunZone. Trace tried roller skating for the first time (I have a picture...will try to get on here this weekend). I left Tolar in charge of Turner on the boogie boards and Tolar's finger got run over. This was major drama. But overall we enjoyed our morning with our friends. After that we had our second week of golf lessons with Coach Ty. Learned about the rules of golf....behaviour. I struggle with the "quietness" of golf:) So does Tolar! We both now DO NOT TALK when someone is hitting the ball. I also learned back in April, in Maui, that you DO NOT WALK down the cart trail as a means to get to the Pro Shop to buy your husband a shirt. Not to mention, mom and I were talking and laughing up a storm as we strolled along....that is until the lady in the cart showed up to "remove us from the path".
Tonight we had a wonderful visit with one of my girlfriend's parents. Julie and I went to college together and have remained close ( even had a girls weekend a couple of months ago....we were WAY overdue). Her Mom and Dad were passing through on their way to a cruise and took all of us out to dinner. What fun! Yes, it was actually fun tonight. The children were enjoyable in public. What a blessing. These folks are our adopted family and we sure loved every minute we got to spend with them tonight. Julie is a blessed girl to have parents like those two! I am blessed to have Julie as my friend:)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Atlast, a blog

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few weeks. Just last week my 2 yr old swallowed baby powder as I was changing his diaper (and on the phone). This was Wednesday, I had already called Poison Control on Monday and was too embarrassed to call YET AGAIN. So I went online and to "research" any symtoms I might need to watch for. In my "research" I found the funniest blog ever and it got me to thinking....maybe I should start my own blog. It is cheaper than therapy and it might help:) Thankfully, my 2 yr old is fine. He was choking on the powder (which terrified me) but as I grabbed him up, he threw it up and was able to breath! My husband was out of town.....he's never around when I have these crises! But the men he was traveling with enjoyed the new material I supplied them with each time I talked to my husband. I am glad someone was having fun!