Monday, September 22, 2008

My 37th Birthday

I had a great 37th birthday. Mom took us out on Thursday night (Sept 11th) to the Log Cabin. Was wonderful! Can't wait to go back. It's out in the country near a dirt road. It's truly a little log cabin, but the food there is fabulous. Mom and I split a steak that could have fed my entire family! I highly recommend this place, but plan on a wait if there is more than 2 in your group. The wait was part of the fun for us. My boys loved playing with the 6 dogs that lived on the land surrounding the restaurant. On Friday (my birthday) Carmen Pearce was the biggest blessing. She showed up that morning, as I was washing dishes from breakfast, with coffee and a muffin from Atlanta Bread. I was just so sweet and just what I needed:) A friend with coffee! We ate lunch with my dad at the Hotdog Shop in Headland and then visited with Mom at her house for a bit. Later that night Carmen came over and kept the boys for Chuck to take me out to dinner. What a friend! I think friends make birthdays so much fun. I have been blessed with great friends who just make life fun. I am so thankful for those of you who just know what to do when I need it....for all the times you have sent cards or showed up with meals or given me chocolate. You are all great and a blessing to my life.
Another birthday treat was getting to eat Sushi with my lifelong friend Natalie and go to the movies with her to see The Women. We don't see each other much (except for the past 2 weeks..which has been so much fun) but we always pick up right where we left off. We have shared so much of lifes up and downs together.....from grade school through high school on to college and now where we married and homeschooling 3 boys and her having survived Crohns, her mother's death and a divorce.
Family and Friends are a blessing and I don't want to take either for granted. Chuck was wonderful my birthday weekend. I had places to be that I didn't feel like being...yet he encouraged me...and did all the housework and looked after our children..and sent me out to play with my friends a few times....that was a wonderful and refreshing gift and I am thankful for him. I really could not have done what all I needed to do over the weekend without him. He helped me keep from falling apart. He was a blessing....what a gift to remember and celebrate.
My brother, Trey, was in Memphis having his kidney stones blasted on my birthday. We talked and he was doing good. His wife, Carmen, had picked him up from the hospital and they were on their way home. Bless his heart....I hate I could not have been up there with him.
So much to be thankful for....another year....and precious people to share my life with. Thank you God for pouring out your lavish love on me.

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