Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is Just the Beginning......

I have a burden

and it's for churches in America.

Somewhere down the line we started missing the point.

My heart has been heavy over this matter for several years.

Churches are bigger than ever, yet we are farther from God.

What has gone wrong?

Many things.....

Discipleship, for one.

We are to make disciples, not converts

Yet, we fail to disciple new believers in our churches today.  We are missing it!

We are missing what matters most.  Our priorities are wrong.

Our people are not in the Word of God, nor being taught how to study the Word of God.

I just completed leading an inductive study on Philippians with a group of  ladies at our church.

Just about everyone in that group had NEVER studied the Word of God like that.....just digging in to the Scriptures.  Using God's Word as their Bible study book.  Digging into Truth for themselves and discovering the promises and commands of God for themselves.

Amazing.  But even more so was the response I got from this study.......They LOVED it!!!!

Women got excited about what God showed them through His Word.  They saw things they had never  noticed before.....and they don't want to stop.

How I pray that we will desire the Word of God......daily!

But sadly, most Christians today rarely open the Bible other than Sundays.  They are not teaching God's Word in their homes.  This grieves my heart.  It's not the church's responsibility to teach our children.....It's OURS.

Do you find it appalling that most of what we consider our "mature" Christians in our churches today have never studied the Word of God on their own, nor do they have a passion for The Word?

No wonder we don't look any different than the world.

This has been a process........over 5 years of God speaking to my heart and through His Word.  Just now am I ready to start writing down these things..............

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Lisa notes... said...

Wow. I hear the passion for God's Word deep in your heart. How refreshing that is!

I feel for too long that some have accepted that our men will do the intense Bible studies and then explain it to the women, but God intends for us women to be just as involved in digging into his Word on our own and sharing it with each other.

May the Lord continue to bless your teaching and may He continue to spread your enthusiasm to the other women with you!