Monday, June 9, 2008

So Much To Tell

If only I could get around to updating more often. Then again, no one but Colette probably reads this thing anyway...but since she did ask for an we go:) Turner is potty trained completely. It only took the little guy two days. So no more diapers. I was nice to go to Wal Mart and not have to buy those things. With our baby now being three...and so funny and cute...I keep thinking....we need another one. (Don't tell Chuck, that would confirm to him that I am indeed off my rocker) Trace had just turned three when we found out we were expecting Turner (it was a shock and I was NOT prepared at all...but now so grateful that God gives us what we need and not what we want:) Here are some pictures of our Walmart trip to buy new underwear.

We spent time with Grandaddy at the farm last week. The boys love going to Grandaddy's farm. Uncle Spence and Grandaddy are working on a big pond (8 acres) and a little catfish pond. We have been able to watch some of the progress and it's been fun. The farm is such a beautiful place and we can't wait to go fishing up there.

We also went up to Aunt Sue's to swim on Friday and took Maz (my mother) with us. That, too, is a beautiful place....and it's for sale if anyone is looking.

Okay, I have added so many pictures to this post. I have a few other things to put down, but will do it in a new post. It finally rained here today. How wonderful. We sat around all afternoon eating popcorn and watching Stars Wars. It's been quiet and we have no where to go tonight. YEAH:) Later this week we will head down to spend a couple of nights with my dad on Okaloosa Island. I am sure I will have some news from that trip and probably a hundred more pictures.

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