Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making progress....

Back to our routine...if we have one, that is. The kids and I got back to school on Monday and so far, so good. Just today I FINALLY got the snow village down from the mantle and the Christmas tree is STILL up (the decorations are off and in boxes sitting in the floor). This is the first time since I got married that Christmas things are still sitting around my house. I'm the type that the day after Christmas, I start packing up and cleaning up. Not this year, I guess with age I am mellowing and learning that I just can't do it all. Oh, and it's okay! Eventually, I will get to most of the things that need to be done around here. I failed to mention the 2000 Legos that are in the floor in front of me as I write. Yep, the Star Wars Sandcrawler lies before me...partially put together. I remind myself that oneday these boys are going to be grown and I will miss this mess.
Our new treadmill came in yesterday! Yes, I've given up on making to the gym at 5:15. Just doesn't happen anymore....and you can tell by looking at me:) Chuck put the new treadmill together last night and I hopped on it at 10:30pm. The start of a new thing and my determination to get these extra few pounds off! Tolar even had a good walk this morning. I think we are all going to enjoy it. It will not become a clothes hanger....No way! Lord Willing, I will be traveling with my mom to St Thomas early March. Only 8 weeks from now! Oh boy, I have to get busy to get this body beach ready!
Chuck's dad has been home from the hospital for a week now after being in there for a month after his surgery to remove cancer from his colon and kidney. Today he had a doctor's appointment and they are running another CT scan. If they do find a new abcess, more surgery will be required. We are praying that the colon is healing and that will not be needed. Hopefully, I will hear from them soon and I will update when we know what will happen.

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