Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Psalms 27:14 is the first verse I remember committing to memory as a new Christian at Auburn University. This verse is indeed, my life verse:) "Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart. Yes, Wait for the Lord." Waiting is not my strong point, I must say, but I am learning each day to wait on Him. "Though is tarries, wait for it...." Again, I'm reminded to wait.

Last night I did something I have not done in 11 years. I went to a tanning bed. In my younger years I spent way too much time in those things. Oh the damage I did without understanding what I was doing ( or maybe at the time of my life, I didn't even care). Anyway, In five weeks I am taking a trip with my mom to St Thomas (Virgin Islands). Normally a tan doesn't really matter to me. Really, it just doesn't. But I do want to enjoy the water and the beach without totally roasting (not to mention the fact that I do not want to blind innocent people either). So therefore, I will go the tanning bed....but only for these five weeks...then I'm DONE.

Chuck's dad had been doing really good. He still has the drainage tube and hopes for it to come out when he goes back in Feb. But for now, he's doing really good.

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