Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reflecting on the Blessing of Children

Our oldest child turned 12 years old this week (in the midst of remodeling).  I prayed over him on his birthday. I prayed that God would bless this 12th year and that God's Holy Spirit would draw him to know and love God more.  That is my heart's desire for all three of my boys.  That they will know and love God.  I think they are learning about His grace, because daily they see how much their Mom is in need of it!  In spite of me,  the Holy Spirit works in their lives and He is the one who will make them into what God has created them to be.  It's not up to me,  I am just to be obedient and faithful to what God has called me to do.  Love, teach, train........the rest is in God's hands.

What a blessing it is to be trusted with the life of a child.  Thank  you God for how you have shaped me through these children.  They have been a tool you have used to teach, refine and prune me.  I understand so  much more about Your love for me as result of being a mom.  Help me Lord, to be faithful and not grow weary, compromising the convictions and passions You have placed in my heart for these children.  Most of all thank you for the Grace you daily show me as I stumble along this path of motherhood.

Okay, now update on the house!  God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.  Everything we have is HIS to be used for His glory.  He has been in the details of this project.  How cool....when you are doing what He wants, He is there!  In the beginning I prayed for His help and guidance because I had not idea what to do.....and He reminded me of His expertise in designing things.  Well, what can you say to that but Thank You, Lord!
Here's where we are....and yes, we are getting tired.  Thankfully, though we are now in the kitchen as we work.  As of Monday night we should be up and running, as far as, having running water and a stove.  You really appreciate running water in the kitchen when you have not had any for a few weeks.


Hope Sewell said...

Happy Birthday Tolar!! Good gravy it seems like just a few minutes ago I had him in my 4 year old Sunday School class! I LOVE the green and the counter tops!!

Julie Davis said...

Love it!! Looks like it is coming together!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your little one as well!(12 is still little) I can relate to what you were saying on motherhood. For me though, it is definitely a tool the Lord uses to teach me about my selfishness, areas that need to change in my life, and my need for Him. Also, super big Congrats on running water in the kitchen. That is huge!!! I can't imagine what those few weeks were like without it.

Thankfully the reality of those days are over for you !