Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fishing at the beach

Well as we all know...we commit our plans to Lord when we make them trusting He will work out what is best.  Our family was to leave Monday for a much needed week at the beach.  Late Sunday night Chuck's dad was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Not to mention how swamped things were at church for Chuck,  as the Woodland Food ministry was beginning Monday night.  Chuck has stayed behind to care for his parents and kick off the food ministry last night.  Praise God that the response to that went great and all were encouraged.  Christ was shared along with our church members serving a meal to the community.  That will continue on each Monday.  Chuck's dad is doing much better and should come home in a couple of days.   The kids and I are finally relaxing and enjoying each other.  The first day was tense because Mommy was tense and tired.  Thankfully, after a pot of coffee and some prayer, today is going better.  The kids and I went and bought some shrimp to fish with and were successful.  So I guess,  life is good at the beach.....but we do miss Chuck.  
Sorry if that picture posted sideways.   Me and this phone:)

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Anonymous said...

Your first post from your smart phone... :)
Glad you made it safe, and sound. Did you catch any fish with the shrimp? Sorry about Chuck's dad. Glad they were able to catch everything in time, and take care of him. Enjoy your day at the beach!

Monica said...

Hi, well, I guess I have not figured out the smart phone thing, as my picture did not post:(
Yes, we caught lots of small....very small fish. They boys were in hog heaven. Will post more on that later.

Chuck's dad still in the hospital...doing ok.
Thanks so much for checking in...always love hearing from you!