Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break YAY

We are so thankful to be heading to the beach tomorrow!  After a month and a half of remodeling we are ready to get away.  We so love our new kitchen/great room, but there is always something to be done.  Trim work and such, or digging out from the mess we have made all around the house during the process.  So, Lord willing, off we go tomorrow:)  The kids are so excited.  I'm excited about just enjoying my family that I love to spend time with.   Seriously, I love these days and don't want to waste  a moment of the time I have been given with the guys in my life.  I'm trying to just soak it up....even the crazy moments that make me want to pull my hair out:)  So if you don't hear from me at times on know where I am....with the boys!

Here's the past couple of weeks in pictures...I will check in later!  ( I just noticed there are none of Tolar in this bunch.)

Look....we are almost done!  God has truly been in the details.  AMAZING how we have seen Him take care of the details of this project.  When you wait on Him and look to Him...He will lead you in the way to go!  I give Him all the glory.   Already, this space is being used to bring Him glory as it has been filled with children, special friends and even opportunities to minister to other women.   

My Trace has been busy reading lately.  I love it!!!!

Here's my Bean Curry Dish I got to share with a few girlfriends who dropped by for lunch.  Spontaneous get togethers are the best.


Anonymous said...

Yay! You are back, albeit temporarily. :)

Hope you have a fantastic time at the beach(make sure everyone uses sunscreen so that it is a pleasant time for all!). Also, please email me that bean curry recipe. My husband would love it.

P.S.S. The kitech looks amazing!!!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I just really went crazy. I meant to write kitchen.

Lis said...

Beautiful!!! Beanz is BIG!