Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waffles for Dinner

All I can say is YUM.  I love Belgian we are having them for dinner.  Chuck is in Honduras so it's just the kids and me.  After dinner we are heading to the couch for movie night.   What fun!

Ok, I can't find my recipe book so thankfully there is the internet!  WHEW:)

 Coffee....oh, I love coffee.  Yes, I feel joyful when I am drinking coffee.

 My kitchen assistant, Tolar.  Waiting.....waiting....waiting....'s finally done....I get the first,, ME!
 Thank you's so yummy!
Let's get this place cleaned up and go watch our movie!  Have a great night folks.


Anonymous said...

My sweet friend, how are you? Well, it looks like you are well. Belgian Waffles? How awesome. We love having waffles for dinner-but I need the Belgian waffle maker. (We've had the one that makes the 4 square ones, and oh how we have used that waffle maker. One of my favorite parts of going on vacations is the hotels that have the breakfast that includes the belgian waffle maker. :)

Loved the pic with your face, and the cup of coffee. Your facial expression, and holding your large mug of what we call "black gold" was just classic. Huge smile. :)

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging this week-my little ones are sick. It started with just S, and of course the baby got sick 2 days later so it has been a handful with sweet little ones that aren't well.

I hope you and the kids enjoyed your movie. I must get to bed, it is late. Was just trying to peek in since I could. Hope you have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just left you a book of a comment.


You are definitely loved. :)