Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decisions, decisions....

Chuck and I are still trying to make some big decisions.  I think, at this point, that we could go either way and it would be a "good" decision.  But I don't want "good"....I want "God's Best."   My prayer is that He will give us the wisdom to choose His best, for His glory.   Everything we have is His.  I have, too often, in my past let my selfish feelings guide me and I have made decisions that were sometimes good, but not His best.  Let me get out of the way here and allow God to lead us.   It's hard to know sometimes and I just have to seek Him with all my heart.  

I have been studying in Nehemiah.   This is a book in the bible I had never really thought much about, until right after our women's ministry  leadership retreat in November.  God gave me the ability to lead that retreat and share what He had put on my heart.  I felt totally inadequate, but He did it.  God has been working in my heart about being REAL and sharing our stories so that others can hear what He has done.  I shared my story at that retreat.  All week before, I struggled and struggled with the enemy.  Honestly, I begged God to not ask me to do it.  But I knew I was to share what God has done in my life.  How He has set me free.  Thankfully, through His strength, I shared boldly the power of Christ in healing this broken vessel.  Amazingly, I found more freedom in telling the truth.  

Going back to Nehemiah,  it's a book on leadership.  Nehemiah was a great leader, who followed God and prayed about everything.  He faced a task that seemed impossible from a human viewpoint, but with God's help it was accomplished in record time.  Many came against him and his life was threatened, it wasn't easy, but he always prayed and trusted God.  I have much more to say about Nehemiah and all that God is teaching me, later on.   Until then, Isn't it amazing that God uses ordinary people like us.....when we are willing to follow Him completely, fully surrendered, willing to obey.  Even when we miss the mark time after time or fall on our face once again, He loves us and takes delight in us....where we are.  It's a process.  Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.  That saved a wretch like me.  

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