Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

It's 2011.....amazing!  Last year was our first year of full time ministry.  God has truly done amazing things! We are so thankful that he takes simple, broken people and chooses to use them for His glory.  There is so much I could say about God's faithfulness in our lives.

  I am believing God for BIG things in 2011.  If you read this please say a prayer for Chuck and me.  We have several big decisions to make this week and we need God's wisdom and direction.  I am going to choose to believe Him and trust Him, still I covet your prayers for our family.  My biggest fear is not following God and choosing my own way.  I have done that enough in my life to know what a mess I make when I let self choose.  My heart's prayer is that I will desire only what God  wants.

Chuck and I started off our first morning of 2011 snuggling in our bed (as we had stayed up way late with friends and our children) and praying....committing this new year to God.  It was a sweet time.  Then we ended our first night of the new year the same way.  I was blessed....

Back to routines and schedules tomorrow.  I am sad to see the Christmas vacation come to an end.  Tolar goes back to school tomorrow and I get back to homeschooling Trace and Turner.  It has been a wonderful time of being together the past 2 weeks.  Having Chuck home so much for the first time in our marriage has been a blessing I treasure.  Being a UPS wife for 13 years, I learned to function on my own and take care of everything that needed to be done out of necessity.  It was lonely a lot!  Chuck missed out on so much  and it was hard on him, too.  So you can imagine how thankful we all are that God has brought us to a new place in life doing what our hearts so longed to do anyway......serve Him (in spite of ourselves:).

This morning I was praying about the upcoming Winter Retreat for our women and the possible kitchen remodel we hope to start in the next couple of weeks.  God spoke to me about both as I gave these things to Him.  About the retreat, He planned this retreat and He will bring it together because it is all about HIM not me!  Then about the remodeling,  I don't know what design is best for our home and kitchen and I asked Him for help.  God reminded me that He has some experience in the area of design, as He designed Noah's Ark and the Tabernacle, just to name a few:)   He can handle a kitchen, because we only desire to do this for His glory as our home is HIS.  Oh, to step out and believe Him to be all that He wants to be for me!

Well, until next time.....remember as our pastor so often says, "God is always taking us someplace new"....

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Lis said...

I am enjoying your blog so much! Sent up the prayers you requested!! God is so GOOD!